home market South Florida Real Estate Trends 2023 South Florida Real Estate Trends 2023 Market Insights South Florida real estate trends and dynamics in 2023 reflect robust growth and stability; in other words, it stands tall against past economic challenges. Analytics Miami and the Miami Realtors Association‘s recent reports underline this assertion. Overview: Miami’s property market shows resilience amid global economic uncertainties. Critical […]
home market Miami named 1 of 2 U.S. markets appreciating in 2023   Yahoo published an article based on the Goldman Sachs paper, “Getting worse before getting better.” Miami named 1 of 2 U.S. markets appreciating in 2023 Here are the takeaways: The Fed’s inflation fight has caused the second biggest home price correction of the post-WWII era, resulting in a 2.4% drop in U.S. home prices […]
home market 2023 U.S. New-Home Market Predictions? The 2023 U.S. New-Home Market Predictions Paint a Positive Outlook Alex Veiga on Florida Realtors published an article on the subject. Veiga stated that “Wall Street Expects a Robust 2023 New-Home Market.” Here are the highlights of the article: Homebuilder stocks are rising; investors anticipate a boost in builders’ prospects in the spring homebuying season. […]
investment Post #1 Foreign investment floods Miami real estate? Foreign investment floods Miami real estate. Axios published an article using data Miami Realtors Association report called  2022 Profile of International Home Buyer Transactions. Axios interviewed Ines Hegedus-Garcia, Miami Realtors Association chairperson. She stated that “Colombia and Argentina, like other Latin American countries, look to the U.S. for financial stability.” Hegedus-Garcia added that “Miami continues […]
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